Jim Quinn 1952–2021

The board wargaming community recently lost a beloved faithful enthusiast. James “Jim” Quinn of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, passed away this March after a long battle with cancer.

Jim was a longtime Squad Leader and Advanced Squad Leader player and for the past several years moonlighted as the endearing president of the Philly ASL club. Jim’s love and devotion to not just ASL but the club was unparalleled. His loss is immeasurable.

I first met Jim Quinn in 2017 after a fellow Philly ASL club member extended an invite to the group via Boardgamegeek. Despite my complete illiteracy with ASL —…

Yay, Moose ! (screenshot courtesy of author)

For the first time since 1991 Minnesota has a championship baseball team.

Ok it’s not a major league franchise….it’s not even a collegiate or semi-pro club. And the baseball being played is not, well, real.

But the achievement remains: the Minneapolis Moose are season one Super Mega League champions; at least in my Nintendo Switch’s current franchise play through of Super Mega Baseball 3.

SMB 3 is the third iteration of Canadian developer Metalhead Software’s infinitely enjoyable romp through America’s pastime, available on Steam, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch. …

This is the third part in a series of treatises and vignettes, detailed in uncomplicated terms, exploring wargaming in the digital age.

In this volume I interview game designer David Thompson about “Pavlov’s House” and the wargame creation experience.

Game designer David Thompson, courtesy of www.digitalcapricorn.com

A natural passion for history is almost always a requisite trait for the board wargamer. …

Perspective Piece

From the perspective of a furry resident

(photo courtesy of author)

It’s a new day in the Kitty Clubhouse….a day not unlike the others! The mornings greet us audibly. We always start our daily lives serenaded by the happy barks, booms and yips of the dogs in the nearby kennel runs, who — we have learned — are welcoming our two legged friends back to the shelter (I do wonder why those silly giants must leave at all every night!).

I personally have a high tolerance for the loud hellos emanating from those curious smelling, slobbering mutts down the hall. But some of my other shelter mates, like calico Christel, still…

Image is copyright of TruTV

I can’t help it. I have always dug surrealist, offbeat humor; comedy packed with intellectual meat complemented by sides of post-everything edginess. And one of contemporary television’s lovingly weirder offerings is TruTv’s “At Home With Amy Sedaris” (new episodes every Wednesday 10pm EST/9pm CST).

The program, currently airing its third season, is the Emmy-nominated actress/comedienne/writer’s brilliant and inventive satire of Martha Stewartesque homemaking slash talk shows — a bevy of eclectic segments ranging from party snack dish planning to “how to” craft lessons to interior decorating tutorials, tied together under the motif of themed episodes (i.e. Halloween, first dates, summer…


This is the second part in a series of treatises and vignettes, detailed in uncomplicated terms, exploring the solo wargaming experience in the digital age. In this volume I write about the conclusion to my solitaire approach to GMT Games’ “Reds!”.

Situation in the game at the beginning of turn 8 — June 1919 (photo courtesy of author)

The Whites never had a chance.

Despite a thoroughly outlined plan for achieving success, the White army completely failed every strategic objective I laid out for them in my prewar essay for my solo playthrough of GMT Games’ “Reds!” (2nd edition). Not only were the anti-Bolshevik forces outmatched in almost every front of the conflict, the Whites were forced…

This is the first part in a series of treatises and vignettes, detailed in uncomplicated terms, exploring the solo wargaming experience in the digital age.
In our first volume we will explore the solitaire approach to
GMT Games’ “Reds!” (2nd Edition — 2012).

Ted Raicer’s excellently conceptualized foray into Russian Civil War, published by GMT Games (photo courtesy of author)

There is a quaint elegance to the board wargame; especially in the digital age. While computer and video games of the 21st century can and do provide its participants with an immediate, visceral adventure for the senses and reflexes, gaming of the cardboard and paper variety offer a more cerebral, studied enjoyment; rewarding the patience of rules…

Oh, hai there (photograph taken by Voyager 1 on February 1, 1979, at a range of 32.7 million km — courtesy of NASA/JPL)

Asleep and floating on a bed of astral comfort; enveloped by a cocoon of physiological peace; I succumb to the ease; my entire being dissolves into a neutral torpor. Nothing bad…nothing good penetrates.

Nocturnal bliss — another several hours of pretend death. I am safe in sleep.






With an abrupt rudeness I suddenly sense a disorienting extrication…I no longer sense the serenity of my bedroom around me…my environment has meta-morphed….my secure womb evaporated into a shriveled skein. …

Just one of many iterations of the legendary post punk group; circa 1984 (image copyright Michael Pollard)

“ There is no culture is my brag
Your taste for bullshit reveals a lust for a form of office
This is the home of the vain!
This is the home of the vain!

Hey there fuckface!
Hey there fuckface!
There are twelve people in the world
The rest are paste
This is the home of the vain!
This is the home of the vain!”

— The Fall, “The Classical” (1982) lyrics by Mark Edward Smith (lyrics courtesy of http://annotatedfall.doomby.com/pages/the-annotated-lyrics/the-classical.html )

Acerbic. Misanthropic. Abrasive. Impenetrably dense. Too dissonant. The music and lyrics of the English post punk band The…

“You call this professional social ‘meeds’?”

A decade, and a much different president, ago I found myself woefully unemployed at the height of the global economic downturn of the late 2000s. My utterly non-recession-proof employer filed us in a conference room one morning in 2009 and advised us to start looking elsewhere for income because the company was ‘cooked’. Along with millions of other unlucky Americans I turned to the internet, specifically job search engines and social networking websites, to assist me in my quest for unearthing new employment.

LinkedIn, by this juncture, had been around a few years but was relatively unknown to me in…

Christopher Santine

I write when I’m not downing $20 craft beers at indie shows, petting shelter cats, reading Russian history or playing (and losing) wargames.

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